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Comfort Control Syringe

Get Comfortable!
Special Delivery: The Comfort Control Syringe  

In an effort to provide a comfortable and pleasant dental experience, we have invested in a new anesthetic delivery system called the Comfort Control Syringe. Now anesthesia can be delivered continuously during dental treatments via a single injection site. You don’t have to fear numbness subsiding during treatment, and you also won’t need to worry about multiple injections. A disposable cartridge sheath ensures a safe and sterile experience for each patient, every time.

A trained professional cannot administer medication as accurately as the Comfort Control Syringe’s computerized system. We simply predetermine the amount of anesthetic you’ll require, and then let the system control the rate of delivery. This gives us the freedom to concentrate on your procedure while monitoring the rate and timing of each anesthesia dose on a digital readout.

We believe you deserve the best!

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