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Does your smile reflect the real you?

If you feel like your smile just isn't living up to its full potential, but you can't figure out why, this simple quiz may help. While looking into a mirror and smiling, think to yourself…

Now that you've considered the details, what would you change about your smile? It's time you felt confident in social situations; it's time you smiled boldly for photographs! All of the problems mentioned above can be taken care of with modern cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Katz will spend time assessing your oral health, taking photographs of your teeth, and discussing how to meet all of your goals for a new, sensational smile. He may suggest esthetic restorations, teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, or a full smile makeover. We can also manipulate digital images of your smile to show you how your potential smile might look after treatment. This will help you make informed decisions about treatment.

Visit our smile gallery to see how Dr. Katz has transformed the smiles and lives of many happy patients. To schedule your cosmetic consultation, call our dental office in Macon for an appointment.