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Smile Makeover

Smile Makeovers Change Patients’ Lives

Do you love your smile, or do you spend all your time trying to hide it? If cracks, chips, or old dental work stole the luster from your smile, or if you weren't blessed with a beautiful smile, visit us for a smile makeover consultation. Dr. Katz can rejuvenate your smile with a custom selection of esthetic restorative and cosmetic dental procedures, like white fillings, teeth whitening, and veneers.

Our entire team enjoys cosmetic dentistry because of the life-changing results it creates in people's lives. Experience the benefits a beautiful smile offers – increased self-confidence at work, in romance, and in social settings. Studies tell us that people with attractive smiles are viewed as more intelligent and successful. Isn't that what you want from life?

At your smile makeover consultation, you will meet with Dr. Katz to discuss your goals, your idea of a gorgeous smile. He will listen to your concerns, evaluate your facial features, and then design a unique plan to transform your smile. What are you waiting for? A smile makeover can give you the amazing, fresh smile that will literally change your life.

Call Dr. Katz’s dental office today to schedule your smile makeover consultation. Located in Macon, we serve residents from Byron, Warner Robins, Perry, and south Atlanta. We give our patients a reason to smile!