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Replace Lost Teeth with Dentures

Don’t let missing teeth compromise your smile. Designed to look and feel more like your natural teeth, dentures restore function and confidence. Modern dentures will revitalize your oral health and contribute to your overall health by allowing you to eat a healthy diet of crunchy fruits and vegetables. They'll also improve speech problems caused by missing teeth. All in all, dentures restore and enhance quality of life.

To replace a mouthful of missing teeth, you will need a full denture. A partial denture replaces a few missing teeth, fitting like a puzzle with existing teeth. Dr. Katz uses an American-based dental lab for prosthetics made of quality dental materials that look totally natural. You can enjoy renewed quality of life and a strong, attractive smile with today’s dentures.

Call Dr. Katz’s dental office today and schedule your denture consultation. Located in Macon, we serve residents from Gray, Warner Robins, Perry, and south Atlanta. We give our patients a reason to smile.